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Founding Member Badge: How to get it [CLOSED]

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Update: Remember how I said "time is limited" at the end of my post? Well, we're out of the launch period now. The ability to earn this badge for new members (who register after May 3, 2022) is closed.

On Wednesday, I announced a few recent updates and tucked in a little easter egg for y'all. But to make sure it gets seen in your newsfeed, I'm creating a separate post about it so you know the requirements.

In April, I'll start awarding the "Founding Member" badge to people who joined at the beginning of the community. Those who have helped us launch. And after we close the launch period, it won't be able to be earned again. Ever. Because we're only founding the community forums once, right?

So how do you get this thing? Well, you need to join the community by creating an account during this launch period and you need to take an action of some sort. Participate! You can like / kudo a post. Introduce yourself. Ask a question, create some cool content, share a story, or whatever you feel comfortable doing that contributes in some way. It doesn't have to be big, but it does have to be more than just creating your account.

I also shared a tiny preview of the badge to give you a sneak peek of what it'll look like. Here it is (and yes, I'm making it teensy on purpose):


Our designer is going to hate me for shrinking it so much you can't read it (🤣 ) but when we award it you'll get the full affect. Promise.

So get out there! Time is limited, folks.

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Novitiate I

Really like this idea!   As a community grows over time, it's nice to be able to see those who have been there from the start!  Do you think you'll give milestone or "years of service" type badges as well?

Novitiate I

Sounds like a cool idea 

Novitiate I

Brought here by WAN Show and happy I found it. Can’t wait to start helping others and copying my Blog Posts to post here. 

@dreagletalon Welcome! So glad you are here and happy to have you. 🙂

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