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Community Manager

Thanks to everyone who's been giving us feedback on the site! We made some quick updates and will continue to do so as we find bugs / errors. You're welcome to make a comment on posts like this to report an issue or email us: You can also ping any of the community team members on the Slack Lounge.

Here's what changed:

  • Windows Chrome users reported an issue with button text alignment that has been fixed
  • Windows Chrome users also reported a button alignment issue with certain window sizes or when you resize a window, also fixed
  • Image previews were tiny on forum board feeds (but fine on the home feed) — fixed
  • Topic font size too small — bumped up a size

On that last one about the font size, if you are still having trouble with that, please let us know. It should now be a Gibson 16 pt, but if readability is an issue, we definitely want to know. Thanks for being here!

Coming soon: the Founding Member badge! We teased this on the IT Hour last week and we'll be awarding it soon. How do you get it? Well, you need to join the community by creating an account during this launch period and you need to take an action of some sort. Participate! You can like / kudo a post. Introduce yourself. It doesn't need to be a lot to get it but it does need to be a little something. Here's a small preview of this sweet badge (c'mon, our designer did a great job!):


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