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IT Hour | 16.June.2023 Google Identity Services vs. Active Directory

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Google Identity Services vs. Active Directory

  • Thanks to @JCDavid for joining the IT Hour today! Check out his blog on this topic: 
  • You can no longer consider AD as just AD… it’s a path to m365. PAM, SCCM, LDAP are moving to it. health/security tools are hybrid. Those bundles all include MS Office, and that limits choice.
  • LDAP integration w/ AD was the way other than straight Google; now Google has optionality
  • Important for MSPs that want to expand their business beyond M365
  • Google’s own  sign-in or cloud identity … now → partner IdPs
  • Google recognizes that one size doesn’t fit all and selected JumpCloud as the best fit for SME
  •  … why? Unifying cross-domain identity and device management with JumpCloud reduces costs, improves operational efficiencies, strengthens cybersecurity, supports workplace and identity transformation, and reduces the pressure on your IT admins and security teams. 
  • We extend AD, or replace it. M365 isn’t the only path for SMEs.

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