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IT Hour | 23.June.2023 Meet our new Technical Community Champion

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

In this week's episode, meet our new Technical Community Champion, @urvashi

Community Updates

Meetup Updates

Product News and Announcements

  • MSP Trends to Watch: How to Prepare for H2 | webinar
  • It's here | Automatic Windows MDM Enrollment for Windows 10/11 devices
    • Admins can automatically enroll all of their JumpCloud-managed Windows 10/11 devices (non-home versions) into JumpCloud Windows MDM by checking a single box on the Windows MDM tab.
    • Admins can ensure that all FUTURE Windows 10/11 devices (non home versions) that are enrolled into JumpCloud via the JumpCloud agent installer are automatically enrolled into JumpCloud Windows MDM.
    • Admins will have peace of mind in knowing that devices enrolled in JumpCloud Windows MDM will not be able to be tampered with by nefarious end users attempting to remove the JumpCloud agent or MDM management.

IT News

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