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Ubuntu Samba server /etc/group not updating

Novitiate I

We have recently migrated identity management for our company to JumpCloud. We have an Ubuntu 22.04 server with Samba shares that has stopped updating the groups in /etc/group. Changes made in JumpCloud admin (adding users to groups and adding sudo to accounts) are not getting synched with the server. As a result, new users cannot access the shares unless we manually edit /etc/group. Users with the correct UID are added to the server, but the groups are not updated. On running service jcagent status, we see multiple entries of:

chfn[31880]: Authentication failure

Not sure if that's a red erring or not.

Has anyone seen this behaviour before?




JumpCloud Employee
JumpCloud Employee

@iainronayne JumpCloud will add/remove users from the sudo group if you bind the user to a Linux device that is being managed through the JumpCloud device agent. JumpCloud will not create or manage "user groups" (from within the JumpCloud admin portal) as local groups on a Linux device.

If you needed to manage other local groups on the Linux machine itself you would need to do this manually, or through the COMMANDs capability within JumpCloud (Basically the COMMANDS capability allow the device agent to operate as a root user and open a hidden terminal to run scripts)