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Ubuntu 22.04 - initial thoughts?

JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni

Who made the switch and what do you like so far about it? I have been hearing that Jammy Jellyfish is the best build to date!?


Rising Star III

I haven't looked at it yet... but honestly I think we're still working to get all our servers to Ubuntu 20.04 😬

I am excited to look at 22.04 though. Are you hearing the "best build to date" from people using Server or Desktop? I heard they're trying to do away with apt and move everyone to snap which I'm hesitant on but I haven't researched it enough to have a hard opinion on yet.

Rising Star III

Honestly, IMO, I see little real world use difference between apt and snap.

I just go where the software I need is. Canonical is going to have a LOOOOOOONG way to go to get rid of apt.

With all the different package distros it makes it very difficult to patch everything. Snap, Apt, Apt-Get, AppImage etc. I wish there was a more streamlined way to manage all the packages.

Rising Star III

Certbot switched to using snap, and I agree I haven't seem much difference. But, jumping on what @BenGarrison said, it's annoying to have multiple package managers.

Also Ben, apt-get was superseded by apt - So anything you use for apt-get you can swap for apt 🙂

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