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I switched to Linux... Forever

JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni

Last week, I installed Ubuntu on my home gaming rig (specs below) while dual booting Windows 11. And I have been using it solely as my daily driver everyday for the last week. Well, I have to admit, I think I am finally totally hooked. What are your thoughts on migrating to Linux?


Novitiate III

Nice rig! Gaming was always the biggest roadblock for me but the Steam Deck should help bring Linux compatibility forward.

I run a small Ubuntu HTPC for serving up a media front end. Looking at replacing it with an nVidia Shield as it has better compatibility and the HTPC always ends up needing a bit of tweaking every month or so. Headless SFF PC running Ubuntu Server in my basement that serves as a Docker host. Despite having two Linux systems running at home I'm far from a Linux expert, end up needing to consult docs/man pages for even pretty basic tasks. That's part of what is stopping me from switching a daily driver to Linux, its always felt like I'd need to relearn a lot of basics/tools. The pot of gold at the end of that rainbow just doesn't tip the scales enough for me 😅. Someday maybe!

Yeah I hear you. I feel like a lot of the things that make Linux cool is also what makes it (like, wtf). Like installing packages is my biggest head scratcher. There seems to be 10 ways to install the same application

Rising Star III

If only I didn't need Windows to play WoW and half my Steam/GoG library....
For everything else, I use Linux or BSD.

The only real gripe with Linux (other than hardware support, but that's a vendor issue, not Linux) is the lack of standardization. Like you say, there's dozens of ways to do a number of things, and clearing up that mess can be a nightmare sometimes. Then there are the cases where two guides for the same version of the OS can have different instructions, because one likes to use apt-get and the other just likes apt, or someone decided snap was the way to go...

I get it, but man is it aggravating at times.

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Novitiate I

Now this may be a controversial opinion. I work as a Sr. software engineer and am required by my job due to the diversity of systems we develop to work in Ubuntu, Windows 10, Windows 11, and MacOS 12 (I know most of you just went "Ew..." but hear me out.). I think the ability to at least passably function in the major OSs is important. At least enough experience to research your way to a good path forward when trying to accomplish a task. Now granted this approach doesn't leave as much time to become a specialist but there are already a LOT of specialists in the world. I think we are in need of more generalists.

It's the same thing I say to developers. Mastered front-end web dev? Try back-end! Back-end development got you down? dabble in some front end stuff! Full-stack web dev that is on top of the world? Try embedded systems development... I guarantee it will teach you some things that you have never had to think about before and visa versa. And because the fundamentals of computing ARE the FUNDAMENTALS of computing It will teach you things about your already "mastered discipline" that you never thought of.

Now I'm no expert... I'm kind of an idiot actually but that is ok because I'm still learning a lot every day. I think that is the lesson of this long monologue it it's probably just good to keep learning everything you can. 

On that note I have been running Ubuntu as my daily driver for a year and it only seems to be getting better.

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

I think you're right, @0tt3r. It gives you a different perspective at the very least, a way of approaching problems differently or an understanding of why things are the way they are. If nothing else, it might give you a bit more patience with something or someone because now you know a bit more about how if functions. But does that mean I'm ready to learn Linux? Eh.....

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JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni

I have switched back to windows with linux in a hyper-v lol.. I just can't do all the things that I normally do (with gaming/recording/editing) that I can on windows. But I go into Linux a lot for testing and to practice!

Forever was ... shortlived? LOL

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Probably a bit of click bait ha

Novitiate I

Love to hear that. I’m using Linux as a daily driver for last 8 years and learnt a lot. Really nice environment to work with and will be more productive 

Sadly, I had to put windows back on my machine as my 'daily'. Mainly because I am a gamer. But I have Linux on a Hyper-V and I spend a lot of my time in there. But I will be making a return to linux at some point. I will just need to build a machine that I think has more linux friendly components 

Novitiate I

If only my VR headset had better Linux support I'd remove Windows from my PC completely. There is a guide on github how to set up GPU passthrough with a single GPU, I have to try it out some day.

Novitiate I

Great, but if you want to work with graphic software while doing bad work, :d


That is all 🙂 haha

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