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What VPN do you use?

Rising Star III

What VPN software / hardware do you use for your office?

We were previously using just a plain Ubuntu server with ppp, ipsec, and strongswan. It worked well, but I couldn't get RADIUS authentication working with it so I had to manually add / remove accounts and staff didn't have the ability to update the password if needed.

I then found another solutions, Pritunl, that is what we're currently using. Only issue we've had is that certain ports aren't routing through the VPN for some reason and their support isn't the best.


Rising Star III

I went with OpenVPN Cloud. Not cheap, but first three concurrent connections are free, and it is dead simple to stand up. Turnkey was something I was after. It also integrates directly via SAML to Jumpcloud.

I went as far as creating a network with OpenVPN and stopped. So I was able to connect to VPN but it wasn't masking my IP since I wasn't going anywhere with it lol.  But setting it up and using SSO was super simple!

Oh that's interesting. We would need IP masking for sure, since we IP restrict all of our SSH logins. Ideally we'd be able to route the traffic through our office network so we can keep using the our static IP instead.

I use OpenVPN set up on a local server in the office and it works fine with IP masking. It is mainly used to access remote servers which are IP restricted for SSH logins.

Rising Star III

Ahh, That's nice! I looked at tunneling OVPN cloud to our network directly, but couldn't get it working.

Novitiate II

We use a mixture, L2TP for general staff, IPsec for Finance and SSLVPN for IT. Our end users are mostly Mac and found IPsec not reliable to configure and L2TP pushes out using our MDM nicely. 

Our finance team are Windows based so we use IPsec. Multiple VPN's isn't ideal but it works so it is what it is.