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Rising Star III
Rising Star III

The time of year immediately following Halloween can be summed up in one word: whirlwind. 

Stores seemingly skip Thanksgiving entirely and shift right to holiday displays and decorations. Every TV commercial includes Christmas music and holiday cheer. And at work, finding calendar slots that aren’t met with “Out of Office” responses is nearly impossible as people scramble to use their PTO before the end of the year. 

As an MSP, the holidays are a season characterized by high client employee turnover. This year, turnover may even be heavier than usual due to the unique mix of economic uncertainty and an abnormally strong labor market. As MSP clients employees shift, many admin teams are inundated with onboarding and offboarding requests. But thankfully, JumpCloud’s open directory platform is here to help you maintain your sanity, with two features that make supporting your customers a breeze in this season of transition.

HRIS Connectors: the Gift that Keeps on Giving

The first thing that can fundamentally transform your ability to support your clients is JumpCloud’s integration with Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) tools. 

JumpCloud now works seamlessly with HRIS tools like BambooHR and Personio, a decision we made to support the 74% of businesses that use HRIS or are considering implementing it. For MSPs, this translates to a new opportunity to support both new and existing clients in their transition to and management of HRIS.

One of the primary benefits of JumpCloud’s open directory platform is the large number of pre-built connectors that we offer. With these connectors, you can quickly integrate your JumpCloud directory, empowering both your technicians and client HR teams with a streamlined onboarding/offboarding experience. Identity lifecycle management can comfortably fade into the background as your clients are able to focus on their business – and you are able to focus on providing them with the best tools and solutions you have to offer.

Scheduled Suspension: for that Impossible-to-Shop-for User

While HRIS integrations and the improved workflows that stem from them are great, they aren’t exactly helpful if your customers aren’t using HRIS. In a 2019 study by Criteria Corp, 20% of surveyed businesses aren’t using an HRIS, and have no plans to implement one. 

A company may not have the budget or capacity to implement HRIS, or their team may be too small to merit such a tool. But that does not mean their need for user management is diminished. A help desk request to terminate or suspend user access may happen in a few different scenarios. Maybe it’s a frantic last-minute request, with technicians consulting documentation and manually logging out of all the various portals to revoke access. But even in these “emergency” cases, JumpCloud can help you prepare.

With Scheduled Suspension, the request can come in from HR, and you can schedule the exact date and time that a user’s access would be revoked, meaning any and all access to the various tools and services that your JumpCloud has been integrated with will be locked down. With this feature, the timeframe of 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm on a Friday afternoon becomes significantly less hectic when the ability to “set and forget” is introduced to your user offboarding process.



Seamlessly Onboard and Offboard your Client’s Employees with JumpCloud 

JumpCloud’s Open Directory Platform places a user’s identity at the core of your services and integrations. And the efficiencies go beyond identity lifecycle management. Mobile Device Management, Cloud RADIUS, Password Management, and Remote Assist are all integral parts of the JumpCloud Open Directory Platform, designed to help you and your clients get work done with any tools, and any context.

Visit our MSP / Partner site to learn more about how JumpCloud can help your MSP and clients. 

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