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Tech Tribe - Peer Groups

Rising Star III
Rising Star III

Hi Everyone,

I've written before about the importance of Peer Groups for MSPs. In fact, you can read what I wrote right here

Well, last night I was able to attend a small group that was being held local to me. It was a Tech Tribe regional event and I thought it was fantastic.

There were about a dozen MSPs in the room having frank and honest conversations with each other. It was great to see business and personal connections being built and hearing the success stories around how MSPs have improved by implementing ideas was amazing.

Thanks to the moderator, Joe Burns and my friends at True MSP for hosting. (Oh, and thanks to the sponsor, Pax8 for the pizza)

If you are on the fence about joining then my advice would be just go for it. It's a few hours out of your evening but I am sure it will help you to chat to others who are in the same boat as you, they may have experienced the issues you're having now and found resolutions that will help you.

You can find a list of upcoming meet ups here - and if you're lucky/unlucky, you may see me there too.






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