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CompTIA Cybersecurity Trustmark

Rising Star III
Rising Star III

New Cybersecurity Initiative for MSPs

Interesting news coming in from ChannelPro’s Cybersecurity Online Summit - CompTIA are working on a new cybersecurity initiative for MSPs. 



It looks like it will be made up of best practices from NIST, the Center for Internet Security, ISO 27000 and others.

The aim is to provide a roadmap for MSPs to earn third-party validation that they work hard to ensure the safety of their own environment and end user environments. 

We will be tracking the progress of the new CompTIA Cybersecurity Trustmark and will let you know how JumpCloud can help you achieve it as soon as we have details.

The programme is due to launch in 2023 - You can find more details here and register your interest in the program here 

Do you think this is a valuable initiative? Will you be looking to get your MSP certified?

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