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JumpCloud Supports Searching for Microsoft Store Applications Directly From the Admin Portal

JumpCloud Employee
JumpCloud Employee

Beginning today, JumpCloud administrators will be able to search and discover Microsoft Store applications directly from the Software Management section of the Admin Portal. In the past, these applications could still be found directly from the Microsoft Store and deployed using their respective PackageIDs (PIDs). And, while manual PID entry is still supported, JumpCloud administrators can now search, discover and deploy these applications all from within the Software Management section of the Admin Portal!














The Microsoft Store is a curated collection of applications from popular manufacturers that work on Windows devices and can be deployed using the Windows MDM Configuration Service Provider (CSP) mechanisms. 





The Microsoft Store has a broad catalog of applications that can be distributed with JumpCloud. These apps include Slack, OneDrive, Spotify, Python 3, PowerShell, Nightingale, Radiograph, and others, and now can be discovered and deployed directly to your devices and device groups! 

Applications in the Microsoft Store are vetted by Microsoft to not contain objectionable content, and to come from reputable developers. This is a great way to find safe-to-deploy applications for your business based on the Store! In addition, applications deployed from the Microsoft Store are kept up to date, ensuring you always have the most recent version.










In addition, when you deploy apps from the Microsoft Store, you can control their ability to self-update, and ensure that they remain on the device. When applications are delivered over the MDM channel, they can be marked as non-removable, which means even admin users cannot remove them permanently. 







One note: not all software in the Microsoft Store can be deployed by JumpCloud today. Older applications that do not contain a Package Family Name – their identifier starts with an x – cannot yet be deployed from our software management solution. We’ll have more to say about this in the future!

For more information about deploying applications from the Microsoft Store, please visit our documentation for this feature!