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January ’23 JumpShot: Product Edition

Iron II
Iron II

This month's JumpShot featured releases that help MSPs manage devices without friction. Admins in any organization will benefit from passwordless network access, streamlined device provisioning, and enrollment commands with JumpCloud. Several enhancements in the admin console improve the support experience for users and admins alike. Additional updates strengthen the perimeter around identities and enhance device management through more granular control.

New MTP Homepage Widgets: MDM & Reporting


We’ve introduced two new widgets on the Multi-Tenant Portal: MDM Certificate Expirations and Reports Ready for Download. These new features help you keep track of upcoming certificate expirations and receive alerts when a report is ready for download across all of your organizations. As a result, you can spend more time adding value for your clients and less time on unplanned system maintenance.

See All The MTP Updates 

Certificate-Based Authentication for RADIUS 


RADIUS certificate-based authentication (CBA) empowers IT admins to enforce CBA when users request access to company resources while on Wi-Fi or VPNs. It’s seamless for admins and frictionless for users. Your team will spend less time implementing MFA and managing support tickets while increasing network security. There’s no need to set up a certificate authority or additional server infrastructure: JumpCloud’s nimble PKI makes passwordless easier than ever.

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Remote Assist: Install/Uninstall Toggle and Multi-Monitors Support


Some organizations are subject to compliance rules where remote access tools must be restricted. Admins can now easily install or uninstall JumpCloud’s free Remote Assist app on all devices with a single toggle in the admin console. They can also select multiple monitors during a remote assist session, making support sessions more productive. 

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Enrollment Commands


Customize your new device experience using enrollment commands. JumpCloud now delivers enrollment commands on macOS, Linux, and Windows devices so you can easily ensure commands run on any device added to JumpCloud. This automates your workloads, improves onboarding experiences, and strengthens device posture.

Premium Chat Functionality Has Moved to the Admin Portal! 


Premium Chat is moving to a new home at Customers will no longer need to enter their premium pin after signing in to the admin console.

Learn More About Premium Support 

Other News 

  • Webinar: Security Best Practices for Small and Medium Enterprises From JumpCloud and CrowdStrike
    • Tune in to hear from CrowdStrike and JumpCloud experts on the best practices, policies, and architectures you can quickly implement to secure your growing business. 
  • TOTP MFA for LDAP Using JumpCloud Protect 
    • Time-based one-time password (TOTP) is now a supported MFA factor for LDAP applications. This can serve as a backup to Push MFA.
  • New Conditional Access Policy — Disk Encryption Enabled 

    • An administrator can block access to SSO applications from managed devices where disk encryption is not enabled. (Currently only supports devices that have the device trust certificate supported.)


  • MDM Software Update Commands 

    • JumpCloud can now deliver MDM commands to managed macOS devices to:
      • Inform them about an update
      • Require end users to update within a grace period
      • Run the update at the conclusion of the grace period
      • Help you address zero day security threats