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Custom SAML apps can use alternative email as the SAMLSubject NameID

JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni


This is absolutely glorious!  

The custom SAML connector has been enhanced to use alternativeEmail as the SAMLSubject NameID. Admins will be able to configure custom SAML apps in order to ensure broader SSO application coverage where appropriate.

Benefits |

  • Flexibility | Admins can configure individual custom SAML apps to use alternativeEmail as the SAMLSubject NameID.
  • Broader SSO coverage | Allows another path to ensure most applications can be supported for JumpCloud SSO.
  • Increased SSO app support | Not all Service Providers allow changing the SAML Subject Name ID within the SP application.

Iron II
Iron II

MFA should be everywhere, but it must be user friendly. This is terrific.

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