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JumpCloud Admin Portal Invoices

JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni

We have started to roll out invoices within the admin panel. We recently launched this capability with our MSP and Partners and are now bringing those into our paying account's admin panels. 

You will see this as a new tab under the Accounts section. 

Feature benefits

  • We show invoices that were issued starting January 2022. Requests for older invoices will go through support. 

  • We will display up to 30 invoice records. This should cover about 2 years of invoices for most customers. We may increase this limit as we hear back from customers.

  • Most customers will see their invoice on the invoice anniversary date, i.e. every 18th of the month. A subset of customers that may have a more complex billing situation where our finance team needs to reconcile their billing manually, will delay those invoices by up-to a week.