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macOS Patch Notification Feedback Requested!

Rising Star II
Rising Star II

Beginning with the adoption of DDM, we can use a new Apple framework to signal updates to devices and enforce their adoption. It uses the user's local date and time to establish a deadline (5pm next Friday, 10pm on Tuesday, etc etc) for a specific version of macOS to be installed.

The OS will alert the user daily that they have an update available and offer it to the user for immediate or "later" install. With a few days to go, these alerts begin to ignore do not disturb, and on the last day they're very aggressive (hourly). 

As we evaluate our future plans, we're very interested to hear from people who are using our custom notifications for Patch Management on macOS, as we are considering changing how we approach these updates. The native Apple experience, beginning with Declarative Management support in macOS 14, is substantially improved over the past alerts.

If you're using our custom alerts, and you love them, please let me know?


Novitiate I

Hi Tom,

At least our users are very confused about the current solution with macOS Sonoma. When clicking Nudge's Update Device, it doesn't redirect to the correct pane. People think they're fully updated after clicking the button, even though they aren't, and contact IT support about it.

I would prefer native macOS notifications. Using Apple's update mechanisms would mean fewer third-party solutions and applications that need to be supported and kept up to date. I hope you're not trying to keep Nudge operational just because it's a billable add-on for the customers 😉

I've also noticed that if the notification "looks like Apple," people trust it more and follow the instructions better than any 3rd party solutions.

Novitiate III

Hey Tom,

The confusing thing that I've noticed with our users is especially apparent if they're a version or two back.  For example, say a user is on macOS 14.2.1 and macOS 14.3 is released, then a short time later 14.3.1 is released.  Most users seem to only be offered 14.3 and then they get bugged immediately afterwards to install 14.3.1.  We do have a 1 week delay before updates are made available to our users, but this has happened even when users are outside of that window.

Other times, like @teemu-lampinen mentioned, the nudge appears and then they're either taken to the wrong pane in System Settings, or it will say that the OS is fully updated.  Yet the nudge will continue and then it becomes noise that gets ignored.

Rising Star I

Good feedback all!

Tom, I already sent my 2 cents via email.  But will agree with the above, where the settings panel that the JC window directs to, can get confusing for the users for sure.  But i've had GREAT luck with the JC nudge/window and allowing deferrals as well as annoying the user so it pushes them to update.  The weak part is after it pushes them to update after the deferral (aka popup comes back every 10 minutes and focuses on top), is when they finally commit, then the settings pane redirect can get confusing (especially for major OS update as the JC window instructs them to click more info and NOT upgrade Major OS).

But I do like how the JC window gives some guidance to our users so they know they need to update.