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JumpCloud Agent's Effect On Chrome Browser's Windows Hello Experience

Novitiate I

I am noticing a behavior of my Google Chrome browser, when JumpCloud Agent in installed on my Windows PC.

I have a JumpCloud-managed user profile on the PC that I am signing in to. I do not have any Microsoft accounts connected or signed in my Windows account settings. I am able to set up Windows Hello PIN to my liking. I am also able to sign into my Windows profile using that PIN, as it is set to default login option. However when working in Google Chrome browser, if a Windows Hello process is executed, the resulting Windows Security prompt always defaults to Password. I cannot get it to default to PIN. I have to hit "More choices" and then PIN, to use the PIN option, which is laborious.

I am testing with Google Chrome's Password Manager >> Use Windows Hello when filling passwords option. (chrome://password-manager/settings). Whenever the JumpCloud agent is installed, the resulting behavior is what I have just explained above. As soon as I remove the JumpCloud agent (delete device from admin portal) from the machine and reboot, I go into Google Chrome and try out same process (Use Windows Hello when filling passwords option turned on), and it does indeed default to my PIN method right away when the Windows security prompt comes up for auto-fill.


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Hi @benstieber I think it'll be best to check with our support team on this one.