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Help/advice streamlining Windows workstation deployments

Novitiate I

I'm new to JumpCloud. We’re a G Suite shop and allow employees to pick their workstation OS.

Currently our split is about 70/30 macOS to Windows.

The Windows setup process is a bit of a time suck. Our team has a checklist we use to get the device setup and ready for the user.

Windows 11 really makes setting up a local account a pain so we’re using the OOBE network account disconnect trick during setup. Too many restarts  🙈  

I understand JumpCloud does not offer Auto-Pilot integration. Even if they did we likely wouldn’t use it as from what I can tell it requires “Azure Active Directory Premium” and we’re a G Suite shop. See the “fine print” at the bottom of the “Auto-Pilot home page”.

At a prior job we used OEM for imaging. Thinking about going this route and curious if anyone has any experience or alternatives to streamline deployment. It looks like this should be possible… I found this KB article Deploying the JumpCloud Agent using a Template or System Image

Am I moving in the right direction?


Iron II
Iron II

My colleague Juergen has written about solutions for Windows Autopilot that may get you closer to where you want to be. Please see here:

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