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Domain Migration Tools and ADI

Iron II
Iron II

It's always good to take a step back and listen to conversations that are happening among your peers. I lurked through Reddit's sysadmin forums yesterday to see what problems people are asking about. One thread had an excellent listing of tools that IT admins can use for various purposes to manage desktops and hardware. A domain migration tool stood out to me given my role at JumpCloud and understanding of the open directory platform.

The tool is a commercial solution to the difficulty that IT teams face when migrating user profile settings and data from Active Directory to Azure AD, or one local domain to another. The goal being: don't lose all of the documents, pictures, photos, etc. from an account when you migrate as user/workstation from any existing Windows network to a new domain. Organizations that are going through mergers or upgrading to a hybrid cloud setup would benefit.

JumpCloud's Active Directory Migration Utility (ADMU) and ADI are free alternatives. The name is a bit of a  misnomer, given how the open directory platform accepts identities from Active Directory and extends what's possible. Organizations that are thinking about migrating from AD to AAD should given JumpCloud a try before spending money on tools that will take them to another closed ecosystem of products/services from Microsoft.

The main idea is to connect user to your resources from the vendors that are best for your organization using the IdP that you want. This breaks monoculture and helps businesses to evolve and accommodate change.

JumpCloud’s open directory platform integrates with Active Directory, Azure AD/M365, Google Workspace, and Okta. The platform is free to use for up to 10 users and devices with 10 days of complimentary chat support. Contact us for more information.