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Apple Vision Pro Feedback

Rising Star II
Rising Star II

Yesterday, Apple announced that Vision Pro devices, beginning with a future release of the visionOS operating system, will support enrollment in device managers using User Enrollment with a Managed Apple ID. This will allow organizations to provide some basic policy controls for the devices, as well as deploy applications from Apple's App Store to the devices.

I'm super interested in hearing how our customers are planning for these devices. They carry a hefty pricetag, but after spending just 10 minutes in one yesterday, I'll admit to being super interested in the kind of work experience that these innovative and unique devices can do. So, I pose to you a question:

What are YOUR business' plans for these devices? Leave it off to the future? Support it if asked? Excited for the prospect? How are you thinking about the Vision Pro for your business?


Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

I'll tag in @Russellestate because we were talking about whether NCI will purchase any of these for their innovation lab and if so, how do they envision supporting them?

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Novitiate I

Kinda surprised there haven't been any replies to this yet. 

I have one already at a client site, they are a media and branding agency that creates print, digital and video campaigns. I am working on setting it up to give to our digital and video dept to start testing and see what it can do. 

I saw the latest updated to Vision OS now supports MDM and I saw a few other MDM vendors already announce support for Vision Pro. Has JumpCloud made any announcement on this? 

At this point I would take just basic MDM functionality just to have this inventoried and check on updates.