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Let the battle begin - What can mac do that Windows cannot?

JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni

As the title suggests.. Let's get the community to weigh in on this debate. I know this is in the hardware category. But it's not limited to just that!


Novitiate I

I think I know my limitations enough not to claim to know what Windows cannot do. But I will ask, how would you do zero touch enrollment on a Windows computer and if it can be done at all, can it be done with Jumpcloud?

it can be done with Autopilot.  I don't think there is any solution aside from Intune that can leverage Autopilot at this time. There are some creative "light touch" workflows but at this time, no Zero-touch with JumpCloud.

JumpCloud Employee
JumpCloud Employee
  • Directory-agnostic Zero Touch Enrollment
  • Directory-agnostic open platform for mobile device management
  • Actual, hardware-secure operating system with full tamper-protection, including sealed system volume
  • Real live developers who care about human interface guidelines :trollface:

Novitiate I

I can think of plenty of items the other way around, but as far as it goes for things macOS can do that Windows cannot, I can think of a few things off the top of my head that Windows might be able to do to some extent, but macOS does better:

macOS sleeps better. Windows' sleep mode has historically been a lot less consistent.

macOS tends to do better with power efficiency (especially with the M1)

macOS' Time Machine backups are more user-friendly than Windows' Backup & Sync

macOS' AirDrop is more user-friendly than setting up network shares in Windows

Uninstalling applications in macOS is generally easier than in Windows


So yeah, at least from my perspective it's not exactly a list of missing features so much as a list of better implemented features.

Novitiate I

POSIX compliance.

Novitiate II

Better resale value on the Macs when it's time to refresh the computers!

Or better to sell it to the employees. Kind of a perk

Rising Star I

Macs tend to be great for users. Terrible to admin in an enterprise. Windows is exactly the opposite.

If Linux didn't have driver issues (much better than it used to be though) and a serious case of multiple personality disorder, it would be the best by far; lack of Windows only software not withstanding.