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Populate JumpCloud System Groups based on Mac chipset via PowerShell

Novitiate III

Hey folks,

I've seen questions pop up a few times recently on the Lounge about how to poll or organize Macs by chipset in JumpCloud. This is important for software deployments that have separate M1/Intel images and for Custom MDM Configuration Policies that have different requirements based on chipset. I'll post a script here that you can use regularly to keep things up to date, but feel free to scroll down if you just need a few lines for a one-time deployment. Just update the top with your API key and change the group names in single quotes if you'd like. I really enjoy scripting but always feel like I'm in the learning phase so feel free to provide feedback on structure or efficiency!

Going to throw the normal caveat in here - make sure you do your own testing. This works fine in my tests and I tried to add some error handling but make sure you understand what this script is doing. Use at your own risk!


# Edit the variables below, you shouldn't need to edit any other lines.
$jcApiKey = 'YOURAPIKEY'
$groupNames = @{
    intelGroupName = 'Mac - Intel Systems'
    m1GroupName    = 'Mac - M1 Systems'

# Check if JumpCloud module is installed, if not, install it and connect.
try {
    if (-not (Get-Module -ListAvailable JumpCloud)) {
        Install-Module -Name JumpCloud -Scope CurrentUser -Force
    Import-Module -Name JumpCloud
    Connect-JCOnline -JumpCloudApiKey $jcApiKey
} catch {
    Write-Error "Something went wrong connecting to JumpCloud! $($_.Exception.Message)" -ErrorAction Stop

# Create the groups if they don't exist.
try {
    Write-Host "`nCreating JumpCloud System Groups if needed..." -ForegroundColor Green
    foreach ($group in $groupNames.GetEnumerator()) {
        if (-not (Get-JCGroup -Type system -Name $group.Value -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue)) {
            New-JCSystemGroup -GroupName $group.Value | Out-Null
            Write-Host $group.Value 'System Group created in JumpCloud.'
        } else {
            Write-Host $group.Value 'System Group already exists in JumpCloud.'
} catch {
    Write-Error "Something went wrong when checking for groups! $($_.Exception.Message)" -ErrorAction Stop

# Populate the groups with the relevant systems.
try {
    Write-Host "`nPopulating JumpCloud System Groups with relevant systems..." -ForegroundColor Green
    $macSystems = Get-JCSystem -os 'Mac OS X' -returnProperties os,displayName,arch | Sort-Object arch
    $m1GroupMembers = Get-JCSystemGroupMember -GroupName $groupNames.m1GroupName
    $intelGroupMembers = Get-JCSystemGroupMember -GroupName $groupNames.intelGroupName

    foreach ($system in $macSystems) {
        if (($system.arch -eq 'x86_64') -and ($system._id -notin $intelGroupMembers.SystemID)) {
            Add-JCSystemGroupMember -SystemID $system._id -GroupName $groupNames.intelGroupName
        if (($system.arch -eq 'arm64') -and ($system._id -notin $m1GroupMembers.SystemID)) {
            Add-JCSystemGroupMember -SystemID $system._id -GroupName $groupNames.m1GroupName
} catch {
    Write-Error "Something went wrong when trying to add our systems to the groups! $($_.Exception.Message)" -ErrorAction Stop


Alternatively if big blocks of code are scary and you just want to do this one time, manually create the groups in JumpCloud and you can run this.


# M1 systems
Get-JCSystem | Where-Object {$_.os -like "Mac OS X" -and $_.arch -eq "arm64"} | Add-JCSystemGroupMember -GroupName "Mac - M1 Systems"
# Intel Systems
Get-JCSystem | Where-Object {$_.os -like "Mac OS X" -and $_.arch -ne "arm64"} | Add-JCSystemGroupMember -GroupName "Mac - Intel Systems"


Hope this is helpful for some people. If you bump into any issues feel free to ping me here or on the Lounge!


JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni

This is an absolutely GEM of a resource!

Novitiate II

One change I would recommend is to ask the user to enter in their API-Key


$ApiKey = Read-Host -Prompt 'Input your JumpCloud API Key'

$jcApiKey = $ApiKey