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I have been getting a lot of mileage out of this script template

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I have had to populate a lot of user groups lately. It has been for a number of reasons: a new SSO app, LDAP group, etc. The one common thing has been that HR or another department gives me a list of people that need to be added to the group. That is what lead to me knocking together this little PowerShell script. All I do is make sure the CSV has the employee emails on it and update the script with the CSV name and JC user group name. It has saved me a ton of time:

$employeeList = Import-Csv "<CSV FILE>"

ForEach ($employee in $employeeList){

	Try {

		$user = Get-JCUser -email $

		Add-JCUserGroupMember -GroupName "<USER GROUP NAME>" -username $user.username


		Write-Output "No username found for $($"



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YES!!!! Community can definitely get some mileage out of this too, I know I can. Thank you Ryan!!!

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Community Manager

So great! Thanks for sharing, Ryan.

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