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We're excited to announce some recent updates to the community for the month of July. Read on to find out more!

As requested, we updated the feed when you sort by "most recent" on the home page, category page (like when you're in the JumpCloud or IT Topics category), and board feed (JumpCloud products, Best Practices, Hardware).



Now when someone leaves a comment on any topic / thread, the timestamp will update and the topic will move to the top of the feed. And then you'll know that there's new content to look at when you are on the home / category / board pages! If you want to see more detail in what has been updated, you can still go to the all posts page to see each comment broken out individually. 


We heard you when you said the font wasn't really all that readable and friendly to your eyes. At first we changed the sizing, but that wasn't really enough. Quotation marks and apostrophes were off, and it just didn't work. So while we were fixing the feed, we changed the font site-wide to Arial. You can see before / after pics below and it should help with readability. If you see anything wrong or if something was missed, please let us know.





We're excited about how it turned out and hope you love it. Thanks for letting us know what changes you want to see. We are always open to input and appreciate y'all.

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