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Welcome to the JumpCloud Community! This community is intended to provide a collaborative, inclusive, and helpful environment for all members. Community relies upon mutual respect and support, so please keep in mind the following rules when participating in the JumpCloud Community: 

  1. We criticize ideas, not people
    You can disagree with an idea without criticizing the person behind it. Personal criticisms are unnecessary and will not be tolerated.  Let’s be constructive, not destructive.

  2. We treat people as equals and everyone is welcome
    There are no gatekeepers here; everyone from beginner to veteran and novice to expert can join in the conversation. We all have new things to learn, no matter our level of experience.

  3. Words matter; be kind
    Consider how your words may be received by others. Being thoughtful and kind in your posts likely won’t take that much extra time, but almost certainly mean a lot to the recipient. Sure, RTFM is an easy thing to say but it doesn’t promote a helpful community. If you know the answer, taking the time to provide one (or pointing out where in the manual to find the relevant info is a lot more helpful and impactful. We all have those moments, but let’s not take it out on each other. We are here to be supportive.

  4. We collaborate openly (unless security or confidentiality dictate otherwise)
    Community is open source and it’s better to answer a question where it can help as many people as possible. We encourage everyone to collaborate openly, but please always be mindful not to share information if you are legally restricted from doing so or if the information is likely to be used unlawfully.

  5. We embrace failure as an opportunity to learn and grow
    It’s a common saying because it’s true: we learn more from failure than we do from success. We encourage everyone to share those teaching moments from when (less importantly) things didn’t work as you had hoped and (more importantly) what you learned or did to eventually make it work. Let’s encourage positivity around learning from experience.

  6. Be generous; share your stories and others will share theirs
    Storytelling is an excellent way to help others. What have you done recently that had a big impact? What was the business outcome of a decision you made? If you freely share what you know, then others will do the same. And yes, we plan to make sure that we’re regularly sharing our stories as well.

  7. Don’t spam or steal; no selling or self promotion in posts or PMs
    Unsolicited promotions will not be tolerated. Don’t spam others about your business—no solicitations will be tolerated. Share your knowledge and people will see your value without name dropping your company. If you spam others (including posts that link to a third-party website for commercial purposes), you may be banned without notice. Don’t steal someone else’s work and pass it off as your own, whether it’s from this community or elsewhere. Unoriginal and misleading content will be removed and may lead to a ban without notice.

  8. Don’t share PII
    We’ll do our best to remove PII (such as email or IP addresses, names, server names) from posts when we see them (after trying to contact you to remove first). If you’re posting any logs in the community, please ensure you scrub all PII and other sensitive information.

  9. Don’t abuse the private message (PM) function
    Private messaging is a feature that will be open to everyone after they’ve registered and have contributed to the community. It’s not for promotions, selling, or any type of solicitation. Do not harass members via PM—that could be grounds for immediate removal and ban from the community.

  10. Follow the rules
    We reserve the right to suspend or ban any users for breaking these Community Guidelines or the Terms of Service.  We may give warnings to members in some instances (e.g. for minor infractions), but we may suspend, mute, or indefinitely or permanently ban members for behavior deemed unacceptable. Any offenses that we deem egregious in nature can bypass all warnings and result in an immediate and permanent ban.

  11. GDPR / account deletion requests
    The JumpCloud Community operates on a separate platform from JumpCloud products. Subject access requests related to information stored on the JumpCloud Community must be requested specifically and separately from JumpCloud’s product-based GDPR policy. To request deletion of your account, please email, including your community user name, email address associated with your community membership, and the nature of your request. Deleted accounts will be anonymized and personal information removed, but publicly available information that you previously posted may not be deleted.
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