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The IT Hour | 6 June 2024 | Password Manager Updates

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

We had Himanshu Sharma, Product Manager, join us to talk about all the latest with JumpCloud Password. He also answered questions from the audience. 

Community Update

Product Releases and Announcements

  • The GET request for api/systemusers/reactivate/{id} will be deprecated and return a 404 error on July 1st, 2024
    • As early as today, June 6th, 2024, replace the GET request with a POST request in any script, automation, or integration that is making this API request
  • Enhanced Browser Tab Names for Remote Sessions
    • When troubleshooting multiple Remote Assist sessions at the same time, we have now enhanced the browser tab names to display the Remote Assist session device name.
    • Previously, when multiple Remote Assist sessions were running on different tabs, all the tabs were named Jumpcloud Remote Assist, and the user had to click each tab to identify the device.
    • With this enhancement, users can quickly identify the tab that is running a Remote Assist session for a particular device.
  • Enhanced Remote Assist Prerequisites Check on macOS Devices
    • Previously, when macOS users logged in to Remote Assist, the JumpCloud Remote Assist System Access dialog window would display until all necessary permissions were granted for Remote Assist to function correctly (Screen Recording, Accessibility and Full Disk Access).
    • We have now added an option for the user to dismiss the JumpCloud Remote Assist System Access dialog window.  If the user selects the new Do not show me this message again checkbox, they will not see the dialog on their next login, but will receive a system notification to remind them to grant full access to any remaining system settings. 
    • For more information, see Grant Permissions for the Remote Assist Agent on macOS Devices.
  • Access Policies
    • We’ve added the new Operating System condition to give you the ability to include/exclude mobile or desktop devices in your access policies.See Configure a Conditional Access Policy

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