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Getting a non-public phone number into MFA fields

Rising Star II

We require our users to use (the products native) MFA to log into google-workspace and microsoft-office-365, this requires the users personal mobile numebr to be put into thier respective consoles to be used for verifcation

atm this mean we are having to add in manually (twice) how can I map a field from jumpcloud that holds these numbers and pushes them out into the relavent field in the microsoft and google consoles?


JumpCloud Employee
JumpCloud Employee

Hi @ncarmichael, it should be possible to do this using our Directory integrations with GWS and M365, in those KB articles it describes the available attributes which can be exported from JumpCloud into each system, this of course assumes that JC has the mobile numbers stored in an attribute within the directory. Another option to solve for this would be enabling SSO and therefore enforcing MFA from the JumpCloud side instead of in GWS/M365. Hope this helps!

+1 for what James suggested. This works out great for our 140+ users.