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New: SME IT Trends report for Q2 2022

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Have you taken a look at our SME IT Trends Report yet? We talked about some highlights on the IT Hour last Friday, but there's a lot more to discover in the report. Here's some info from the introduction:

Because of IT admins’ vital function and unquestionable value to the SMEs in which they work, JumpCloud commissions this ongoing research to gain essential insight into their day-to-day challenges, opportunities, and experiences.
This Q2 2022 edition reveals:
• The complex landscape of responsibilities and solutions required to secure and enable hybrid work models
• How teams are adapting in a time of rising security threats
• What the new reality of hybrid work requires to protect user identity everywhere
• The contingencies IT teams are planning for in face of the known unknown
• The technologies and best practices teams are advocating for within their organization

Did you know that 60.4% of IT admins reported being happier in their job than a year ago versus 56.5% reporting the same in
2021? But 59.4% are feeling overwhelmed in relation to their job and responsibilities. 

How IT admins feel in relation to their responsibilities and expectationsHow IT admins feel in relation to their responsibilities and expectations

Let's check in for a moment—how are you feeling in relation to your job & responsibilities? What do you do when you're feeling overwhelmed?

There's a lot more to the report that maybe I'll break down in a few more posts. In the meantime, if you want to read the full report (it's free!) you can download it here: SME IT Trends 2022

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