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Linux Lesson (the hard way)

JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni

Today has been one of those days that honestly, make the good days REALLY good. 

Started out not too bad, had my coffee, read some emails, replied to some threads on the regular places etc. Then I decided I should edit the video that I recorded last night.  This is where it turned into pandmonium

While working, my hold folder became full. This is in part because I am dual booting Ubuntu, and never took the time to change my home folder (lesson learned)

So I went through the process of changing my home folder to an attach 2TB drive that I don't ever used. Well let's just say, one keystroke and I moved my current active home folder to this new drive. Talk about ripping the floor out from underneath. I then spent the next several hours fixing this error. 

Linux is so much fun 🙂 .. learning by breaking stuff is always fantastic!


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