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Coming to DattoCon? Here's your local's guide to DC!

Rising Star II
Rising Star II

If you're making your way to Washington, DC for this year's DattoCon, come see us at the JumpCloud booth! We'll be talking about how our Open Directory Platform is a great fit for your MSP, and works well with AutoTask. In addition, DC's an incredible place to come visit for food, drink and more! 

DC is also my hometown, I've lived here for more than 20 years now, and I love being here. It's not just politics here in DC, there's 700,000 Washingtonians who make the District home, and most of us don't live in that world. We're out in the neighborhoods and parks, the joyful places that we call home. I've made a guide for Apple Maps, with more than 20 places a short ways away from the Convention Center! The District offers so much in terms of culture and food and drink and fun, and I wanted to point folks to some of my favorite places.

In addition, I made a short video!

Come learn all about it!


Rising Star III
Rising Star III

This is great, it's only my second visit to DC so this will be a very handy guide. Thanks.

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