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The IT Hour | 02.Sept.2022 Business & Security—Why Choose? Do Both!

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Community Manager

Apparently I forgot to post the recap on this one. And it was a good IT Hour! Here you go, y'all.

Community Update

Meetup Update

Customer Education

Customer education is excited to announce the release of a series of new PowerShell courses on JCU 

Throughout these courses, you'll see real-word examples of how best to utilize the JumpCloud PowerShell module, creating efficiencies for IT Admins in daily tasks and commonly performed actions that'll save you time, repetitive tasks and a multitude of headaches.

  • We are also pleased  to announce that we now have specific partner learning paths and certifications for sales and technical support.  If you are a channel partner and would like access please let us know! 
  • Coming next month we will continue to expand our advanced learning curriculum, and have 3 courses updated in our implementation learning path (Admin Settings, Adding Devices and a new adding, Apple devices using MDM course). 

Product Release

  • RAS in Early Access - ask your account manager for more info!
  • PowerShell Parallelization
  • Commands from Templates!

Business & Security—Why Choose?

  1. The top threats SMEs face and how to defend against them
  2. How to prioritize both security and business growth despite limited budget and resources
  3. Why IT unification is a best practice for SME security and how to start practicing it in your business

IT News

All of these are brief snippets. Click the headlines to go read the full articles on the original sites.

  • Microsoft finds TikTok vulnerability that allowed one-click account compromises (ars technica)
    Microsoft said on Wednesday that it recently identified a vulnerability in TikTok's Android app that could allow attackers to hijack accounts when users did nothing more than click on a single errant link. The software maker said it notified TikTok of the vulnerability in February and that the China-based social media company has since fixed the flaw, which is tracked as CVE-2022-28799.

  • Chrome extensions with 1.4M installs covertly track visits and inject code (ars technica)
    Google has removed browser extensions with more than 1.4 million downloads from the Chrome Web Store after third-party researchers reported they were surreptitiously tracking users’ browsing history and inserting tracking code into specific ecommerce sites they visited.

    To help keep the activity covert, some of the extensions were programmed to wait 15 days after installation before beginning the data collection and code injection. The extensions McAfee identified are:

Netflix Party
Netflix Party 2
FlipShope – Price Tracker Extension
Full Page Screenshot Capture – Screenshotting
AutoBuy Flash Sales

  • AI wins state fair art contest, annoys humans (ars technica)
    A synthetic media artist named Jason Allen entered AI-generated artwork into the Colorado State Fair fine arts competition and announced last week that he won first place in the Digital Arts/Digitally Manipulated Photography category, Vice reported Wednesday based on a viral tweet.

    Allen used Midjourney—a commercial image synthesis model available through a Discord server—to create a series of three images. He then upscaled them, printed them on canvas, and submitted them to the competition in early August. To his delight, one of the images (titled Théåtre D'opéra Spatial) captured the top prize, and he posted about his victory on the Midjourney Discord server on Friday.

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