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As Congress talks about AI, what are you doing?

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Community Manager

Today Congress hosted the AI Insight Forum and hosted high tech execs to talk about artificial intelligence and rapidly evolving technology. In a recent IT Hour we discussed how IT admins can use AI to get work done...but also the pitfalls of not properly protecting your data. 

Things to consider with AI, ChatGPT, and LLMs:

  • Is your data secure? Are you making innocuous queries or sharing your company's proprietary information?
  • How are you wording your queries? Language matters in what type of answers you get and whether they're accurate.
  • Does your company have a policy around AI yet? Have you started one yet?
  • What data set was used for training? Was it a closed set or does it have access to the internet to get updated answers?
  • Is there a possibility of hallucination? As we discussed in the IT Hour, sometimes AI gives incorrect answers, which are called hallucinations. Make sure you are checking the answers for accuracy.

There are many more things to consider when thinking about whether AI is right for your company. What is your company discussing around AI while Congress has its hearings?


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