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This is an edited transcript of the 02.23.24 IT Hour


  • Ella Rigoulot, Director - Customer Education tells us about the improvements to JumpCloud University.
  • Rob McGrath, Product Manager and Isaac Kazin, Product Designer tell us about improvements to the Devices page of the Admin Console. 
  • Becky Scott, Head of Community at JumpCloud moderates the session and Q&A


New Resource Section

Ella: Those of you who don’t know me, my team works on the JumpCloud University (JCU) site. I wanted to share today that we’ve been working on an updated resource section on JCU. JCU mostly has courses and content there but we have a new resource page as well. We’ve had tutorials and simulations before but we’ve gone through a pretty big update and audit of all of those and there’s some extra features on the pages to make it easier to access and find the content you’re looking for. You can now search the list, for example, “JumpCloud Go” and you can see three specific tutorials around JumpCloud Go. You can also filter by specific topics like “Devices” and the content for that. 

Content for New Features

My team tries really hard to have our content updated within two weeks of a feature release. So once you see a feature release announcement you can check out the resources on JCU for that. You can also go to the guided simulations page if you want to see how to do something in the product and actually see the product integration. If the simulation is longer and needs more than a few steps then it’ll be a tutorial video. 

Resources for End Users

We’ve also added specific end user resources. We hear from our implementation team that a lot of people ask about training end users. Most of the content in JCU is geared towards partners and IT Admins so we don’t want an end user taking a course from JCU but we know you all need resources for that . So there’s a new page for that. If you see a tutorial or simulation that has a little yellow icon, that means it’s end user content that’s open for you to share to your end users. On this page you can actually filter by a specific resource type. If you want to show simulations or specific help center articles and things like that. We’ve integrated knowledge base articles and guides here. 

JCU Badges on Credly

One last thing to announce is that if you have one of our certifications we’re now on Credly. You can see all four of our current certifications and badges that you can add to your Credly profile. If you get a new certification you’ll get an email from Credly asking if you’d like to add it to your Credly profile. If you’ve received a previous certification from us and you’d like to have it added to Credly please fill out this form and within a couple of days my team will make sure that’s done for you. 

Device Page Improvements

Rob: For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Rob, I’m a product manager here at JumpCloud. I’ve worked primarily with the Multi Tenant Portal (MTP) in the past but we’ve done some big features for the Admin Portal as well. Now we’re more of a Platform Experience team so that means we’ll be enhancing UI and UX across the JumpCloud sphere in general. One of those pieces we’ve been working on is actually one of the busiest pages in our entire Admin Portal - the Device page. What we’re going to show you is something that’s being worked on right now but will be coming very soon. 

If you’re interested in the beta experience, reach out to me and I’ll be happy to get your org ID and get it in place. 

List of Improvements

  1. Full Screen - We wanted to enhance the device experience inside the admin portal because there were a lot of opportunities to take advantage of the gigantic displays that we have now. So when you pull up one of your devices you’re used to seeing the drawer sliding from the side and leaving a little bit of real estate in the middle there, we’ve converted this into a full page view. 
  2. Key Information - We’ve made it easier to find important information like the JumpCloud System ID. It’s right there in front of you now. You don’t have to go to the Details page. 
  3. Insights Tab - The Details page is now called Insights. So we wanted to elevate System Insights and make it a lot easier to navigate. You can click the export button and get all of your System Insights dumped into CSVs much quicker than before. You don’t have to go through menus and dropdowns and click on and download individual CSVs, you can now get it all into a zip file. If you want everything besides Operating System or just software you can specify which sections you want to export. It’s also really easy to click through the tabs and see on the right side where you want to go and what information you want to see and go right down to that section. 
  4. Actions - We wanted to bring in the ability to run actions and put that on the device table let you do that in the actual devices page as well. If you click the Actions button you can see that you can now run commands, start a remote session, etc. This wasn’t available on the device page before but now you don’t have to go back. You can stay in the context.
  5. Commands Tab - Before if you wanted to know if a device was bound to a command or a command was bound to a device, you would have to go to every individual command and see if it was checked. Now you can see it all right there. Just like every other section of the product you now have Show Bound or Show Unbound for commands. You can also run ad hoc commands by clicking the command button there without worrying about assigning it. You can also see the five most recent commands that have been run on the device, so you don’t have to go to the Command Results section to find it. 
  6. Fit to Screen Size - This new experience really fits your screen size better. We’re really focusing on responsiveness and what it looks like at different viewpoints. For smaller screens the tabs will scroll across the top and some of the content cards will stack on top of each other to meet the screen size; and things like the Actions button becomes wide across the whole screen allowing you to do the same actions on your phone if you need to. 

The most exciting part for us is knowing that this is just the beginning. This is the foundation to be able to further enhance the Device section. When a new feature comes in we can just drop it in a lot more easily because we have a framework that we can work with. 


Q: It would be cool if policies showed confirmation that they applied. Is that already in there or planned?

A: Policy Results shows that but if there’s a different view you’re interested in please submit a feature request. Include screenshots and highlight specifically what you’re looking for.

Q: Are the applications showing actual applications or are there random system processes mixed in?

A: System Insights is the exact same data, we just packaged and presented it in a more digestible way. 

Q: Will this come to the MTP at the same time?

A: The MTP view of the device is not changing at this time. 

Q: Is this mobile friendly?

A: It’s more mobile friendly than the existing view but over time it’ll get much better on a smaller display. 

Rising Star I

Great work JCU team!

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