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IT Hour | 22 September 2023 | JumpCloud Go

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Community Manager

JumpCloud Go

We had Scott Reed join us to talk about JumpCloud Go. He did a demo of the passwordless end user experience. He also went over how to set up JumpCloud Go and answered some questions about the roadmap - including supporting other browsers, using JumpCloud Go for the Admin Portal and on mobile devices. 

Community Update

I Make Work Happen

Announcing last week’s I Make Work Happen winner! Debby A.
You can also enter and possibly win some cool prizes. Get more information here:

Product Releases and Announcements

  • Dynamic Groups Automation Using The API
    • Use the JumpCloud API to configure and update both static user and device groups to dynamic groups. Dynamic Groups are groups with attribute-driven rules that allow membership to be either fully automated, or require a review prior to the membership change taking place.
    • Instead of the Admin Portal, JumpCloud admins can use this article to build automated workflows in the API around user and device group membership. Resultantly, all applied entitlements will automatically take effect, with or without review, and update group memberships without having to manually change group membership.

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Happy Friday!

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