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IT Hour | 15 December 2023 | End of Year Wrap: Executive Q&A

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Community Manager

We had JumpCloud co-founder and CEO, Rajat Bhargava join us to talk about the highlights from 2023. He talked about some of the trends in 2023 within technology and otherwise. He talked about the importance of security and preparing for/handling security incidents and a little bit about what to look forward to in 2024 from JumpCloud and the industry at large. 

Product Releases and Announcements

  • Active Directory Integration (ADI) - Admins can now install ADI on their 2022 DCs and member servers without workarounds or decreased functionality. See Configure the Active Directory Integration.
  • Deel Integration Update - Use the newly released Deel SSO Connector to create an integration with JumpCloud. See Integrate with Deel for more information.
  • User Portal Updates - The Applications area of the User Portal is now divided into two tabs: All Applications and Favorites. Users can select favorites by starring the application card on the All Applications tab. Additionally, a responsive search field has been added to both tabs. See Get Started: User Portal

Community Updates

IT News

... and that's a wrap for the IT Hour 2023! Happy holidays and see you all in the new year!

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