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Windows is Insecure, You Pay More

Iron II
Iron II

My brother and I bought a fire safety manufacturing company from our dad and it grew to become #5 in the world. Our products were life safety, so there was no room for error. Liability was a constant risk and we had rigorous design review and QC processes (as well as training our installers and distributors). We built a UL-certified testing lab on site, but every test cost nearly 100k. We *had* to get it right upfront to get approvals to sell our product. And products were expected to last ... decades. Contrast that with Microsoft Windows, or really any software that's consumer-grade. It's not apples to apples (we cannot expect every app to ship with mathematical proofs), but I take offense to a company that produces an OS that has non-stop vulnerabilities stemming from the same legacy components (an arsonist) and then charging its customers for mitigation (the fire fighter).

Enter Windows Autopatch, a new premium service from Microsoft that closes the loop on its defects.

To quote the Reg:

"For starters, the service only applies to those customers that have paid for Windows Enterprise E3 and E5 licenses. You'll also need Azure Active Directory Premium and Microsoft Intune.
What's more, AD "must either be the source of authority for all user accounts, or user accounts must be synchronized from on-premises Active Directory using the latest supported version of Azure Active Directory Connect to enable Hybrid Azure Active Directory join."

This is not an open solution, but rather a new feature designed to tie you back into a Microsoft only scenario ... to address its faults? I could only imagine writing up a statement of work explaining these licensing fees and subscriptions tiers to my consulting clients. Call me grizzly, but my brother and I wouldn't have lasted in the fire protection industry if we had done business this way. Nor should we have.

The buildings you see below began as a single unit. Diligence, people, hard work, strategy, execution and respecting our customers built the rest.