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SaaS Management Recommendations

Rising Star II

Hello JumpCloud Community!

Do any of you have recommendations for SaaS management platforms?  We currently use Freshservice as our primary ITSM tool which has a somewhat new SaaS management add-on offering available.  I trialed it but am not thrilled about how tedious it is to use when it comes to SaaS discovery, licensing & contract management.  In addition to that, I don't like the way their workflow automation works as it becomes super cumbersome if doing more than straightforward automation tasks.

So I'm looking for a potential replacement that will help streamline the discovery of SaaS applications, the management of their licensing and contracts, help with our onboarding and offboarding processes, and hopefully assist with security, compliance, and reporting.

I started out looking at Blissfully as their offering looks appealing and is rated well, but I've now reached out to them twice and have yet to hear back about getting a demo or trial set up.  I was also going to look into Torii and BetterCloud.   Wanted to ask here for any feedback or experiences anyone may have about these (or other) systems.

JumpCloud integration would seem to be a must-have since it is our primary identity and SSO provider.  Any feedback or info is welcome and appreciated.  Thanks!


JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni

I have used both Torii and Bettecloud in the past. Both Torii and BC have SAML and SSO integrations so that's nice. But yeah, would love to hear what others are doing since I haven't had to research this in a while.

Rising Star II

Ben, how long ago did you use them?  If it's been a while, things may have changed but any feedback you can provide or comparisons of them from your perspective?   Were there things you found one did better than the other?

It seems like Torii has a leg up on the discovery of SaaS systems given its ability to leverage a Chrome extension to monitor for logins using company accounts.  It's appealing to have a way to help suss out those shadow IT systems we may not have visibility into right now.  Did you have any experience with that and did it work well?

BetterCloud, on the other hand, seems to have an advantage when it comes to DLP and compliance in that regard.

Novitiate I

Anyone have any insight on pricing with Torii vs Bettercloud?  They both do custom pricing so you can't get any info anywhere without having to go through their sales team lol. 

From my recent inquiries, this is the information that I was given by their respective sales contacts:

  • Torii "pricing starts at $19,500/year"
  • BetterCloud:  "We currently have a minimum list price estimated around $12K per year and although we typically work with companies over 150 employees, BetterCloud has brought immense value to companies of all sizes."

I also explored Blissfully.  They were recently purchased by Vendr who is in the process of integrating their two systems.  They do not currently allow you to purchase the "Blissfully" automation/management functionality on its own as they are now bundling that with their vendor management services.  So unless you actually need help with that, you would be paying for a package of white-glove vendor management services that you will not use simply to get the automation/management stuff.  This immediately eliminated them from consideration for us.

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