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macOS Stage Manager

Iron II
Iron II

I've been a Mac user for years, but multitasking was lacking. Two displays were pretty much a necessity for me to work. Stage Manager has been very good (some getting used to) for cleaning my focus and getting more utility out of single screen devices. This is the type of elegant, well-conceived improvement that I've expected from Apple (but not seen for a while).

Has anyone else given it a shot? (now that there's a public beta)


Novitiate II

I'll definitely be giving it a try as soon as its in public beta, I'm pretty sure it's still in developer beta. I've been using one of the snapping programs for years on Mac - Better Snap Tool and then Magnet. I'm definitely excited that there is finally some improvements on the window management front for Mac. Pretty sure this is the first major new innovation on any platform since the Compiz cube days of Linux..  

Also bonus for it coming to iPads, we have a bunch of M1 12.9's running around and nobody can ever figure out the existing multitasking. 

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

I haven't looked at it yet, but I really should give it a try. Wasn't there something else that was separate spaces to work in a (long) while back? I never really used it, though.

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Rising Star III

I was using Better Snap Tool, and haven't tried Magnet; but someone put me onto RectangleApp and maaaaan, do I like it.

Especially since it can do 2/3, 1/3 screen, sixths, and unlike BetterSnap, it will roll over to my other monitor if I keep pushing in that directly (like Aero does.) I've gone from just using Ctrl+Option <arrow> to assigning all 9 keys on my keypad to window locations.

Let me tell you, being able to snap a window to the bottom corner of one screen, then another to the top corner, then have my browser take the remaining 2/3 just with the push of: Opt+Ctrl+1/6/9 is the most glorious thing ever.

JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni

Finally, mac has something that can compete with Fancyzones on windows haha