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A Tale of Two Certs

Iron II
Iron II

The past two hours of my life were spent taking practice certification exams for Microsoft's SC-300: Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator (for Azure AD). This was fresh off of obtaining a certification to become an Android Enterprise certified Professional. These are very different certifications, so a direct comparison isn't appropriate. This is what stood out: Microsoft's exam had trick questions about licensing AAD; the Android certification process focused solely on what's possible and how to do it. Knowing how many AAD P2 license to purchase to cover access reviews for guest users is important, but the rub is the complexity. The answer had to do with how monthly active users (MAU) billing model for external identities works (with the addition of the appropriate role to perform the access review). I didn't learn anything that advances my IT skills, only how to navigate licensing to pay a vendor.


Rising Star III

Mind you, that's probably the hardest part of the platform....

At this point, I think MS is just trying to find people that can wrap their heads around their licensing, as from what I can tell, MS themselves have given up on even trying anymore.

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