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YouTrack SSO

Novitiate III

So, I just configured SSO for YouTrack and it worked almost the first time.  The hardest part was getting the SHA256 fingerprint of the JumpCloud certificate.

I followed the instructions here (

From JumpCloud:

  1. Create a basic SAML app (this are the values I used; your's may be different):
    1. IdP Entity ID: "JumpCloud"
    2. SP Entity ID: ""
    3. IDP URL: ""

On the YouTrack Side:

  1. Log into your YouTrack account and create a new authentication module: Settings --> Access Management --> Auth Modules
  2. Hit the "New module" button and scroll down to the bottom for "SAML 2.0..."
  3. Fill out the form (some of these answers depend on how you created the JumpCloud application):
    1. Name: "JumpCloud"
    2. SAML SSO URL:  mine was ``
    3. IdP entity ID: "JumpCloud"
    4. Cert fingerprint:  < download the cert from JumpCloud and run it through
  4. Save that and open the form again to get information for the JumpCloud app.  I also set the "Username" and "Email" attributes to "email"

Back on JumpCloud:

  1. Copy over the ACS URL from YouTrack
  2. Set the following User Attributes:
    1. "givenName" : "firstname"
    2. "sn" : "lastname"
    3. "displayName" : "fullname"


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