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TOTP for Admin Account Stopped Working

Novitiate I

Last week I went to login as an Administrator account, only to find that my TOTP code was no longer working from my iOS Authenticator app. JumpCloud said the code was not valid. After a few login attempts, my admin account is now locked. Resetting the admin password requires a TOTP code, so that does not work and I can't find anyway to have JumpCloud send me a TOTP reset email. There are no other admins in my org to reset my account either. 

I reached out to support via email, but haven't heard from them in 4 days. I'm now trying to onboard a new organization, but I can't login to JumpCloud to manage users. I'm trying to sell my organization on expanding use of JumpCloud, but their confidence in the product and support is starting to waiver. Does anyone have any advice on how to have my TOTP reset without logging in, or escalating a case with support? 


Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

@Rogosource I'm hearing from colleagues internally to check the time on laptop and mobile and make sure it’s correct and try to reset password and try unlocking. If that doesn't work then the path is via support. But if you'll get me your ticket number we can escalate internally. You can email community AT

Once this is resolved, we recommend that you create a secondary, backup admin for your portal. this level of security is what he wants in a tool that will control and support his entire fleet of devices and users! We do want you to make sure you've got a backup pathway into your account for instances where the device’s time zone potentially gets out of sync your computer.

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