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Encrypt additional drives on Ubuntu Desktop

Rising Star III
Rising Star III

Hi Folks,

Pretty sure you came across this KB for enabling the full disk encryption on the root drive when installing Ubuntu, and utilising JC's Linux FDE policy to monitor the status. 

But how about the additional drives on the box? These are not showing up during the OS installation process when configuring the disk encryption for the main (root) drive.

Here is a quick guide.

How to

  1. Upon the OS installation, go to disk. 
  2. If you have any data on that drive, make sure it's backed up prior hitting the "format partition" option.
  3. Click on + Create partition on the secondary drive. Next.
  4. Choose Internal disk for use with Linux Systems only (ext4) && Password protect volume (LUKS)
  5. Next, input the password.
  6. Acknowledge the warning and done. 
  7. You can revisit the encryption options by going to the encryption options:1.png

Hope it helps!


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