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Now available! Support for specifying domains in the M365/Azure AD (Entra) Cloud Directory Sync Integration

JumpCloud Employee
JumpCloud Employee

You can now specify one or more domains as part of the M365/AAD Cloud Directory Sync integration configuration. This new configuration option enables:

  1. JumpCloud admins to manage a single user account in JumpCloud and create and manage different identities for that user across multiple instances of M365/Azure AD.

  2. A user can log in to each assigned M365/Azure AD instance with their JumpCloud password and a specific identity (User Principal Name) for that instance.

  3. Admins have more control over if and how users sync and which domains are used for each M365/AAD Cloud Directory Sync integration instance.

    1. Control which users sync from JumpCloud to M365/Azure AD based on the user’s email domain

    2. Control which domain is used to create the User Principal Name (UPN) in each M365/AAD integration instance when the users JumpCloud email domain doesn’t match any of the domains configured in the list for that integration instance.



To learn more, read Microsoft 365 / Azure AD Directory Sync and watch the 2023-07-07 IT Hour starting at the 43.3 minute mark.


Sam Morgan and Lindsey Thompson will be our guests; they'll give an update on recent and upcoming enhancements to our AD Integration. Join us at 11:30am ET. The #ITHour hosted by #JumpCloud is a community program focused on the life of #ITAdministrators. With the ever changing IT landscape, having