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Customer Education NEW Self Serve Implementation Resources

JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni

Customer Education has NEW Self Serve Implementation Resources 


We are now hosting a Self Guided Implementation Webinar every week starting mid-October.  This webinar is designed to help our customers who have chosen to self implement.  This webinar will get you off on the right foot with setting up your Admin Console and learning about key resources for implementing JumpCloud. 

The purpose of this webinar is to help customers

  • Understand the steps for a successful implementation of JumpCloud platform,
  • Complete initial prep work and understand how to set up the Admin Console
  • Create their JumpCloud University account and awareness of Implementation specific e-learning 
  • Awareness of the resources available to them via Professional Services

Implementation Guides: These guides pack a punch full of valuable information. Customers can opt to use the 52 page Full Implementation Guide or to make life simpler, we also broke them down into specific areas so customers can easily find the information they need for only the area they are implementing at that time.  

Links to the Implementation Guides

Last, but not least is the Implementation for IT admins learning path. We have new and updated JumpCloud University courses specifically for IT admins on how to successfully implement JumpCloud. Be sure to check out our new course for Adding Devices using Apple MDM to learn how to add Apple devices to JumpCloud; control, secure and enforce policies on Apple managed devices and more. All of these e-learning courses can be done at the IT admin’s convenience and pace. Access the entire learning path here.