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JumpCloud Zero-Trust and Google Advanced Device Management

Novitiate I

We want to implement JumpCloud's zero-trust, to block access to SSO and console under certain conditions. 

JumpCloud in our environment is set as the authoritative login for google - when you go to and try to log in with your email address you are forwarded to JumpCloud to log in. 

We currently enforce all mobile users to enrol in Google advanced device management if users wish to have google workspace registered on their iOS and Android devices. This enrols iOS devices in to google MDM for example. 

If we enable JumpCloud zero-trust to block access to SSO and console to only managed devices, will this break/be any issues with users being able to set up or use google services on their mobile devices? What is the best configuration for zero-trust with JumpCloud?

I understand JumpCloud zero-trust does not yet support Android devices. 


JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni

At the moment, if people are accessing via their mobile phones, they will not be able to login with those conditions. We will soon have iOS and Android available for conditional access as "trusted devices"

Novitiate II

Are you still utilizing AMM with Google?  We're looking for something that would allow device approvals for mobile devices, but JC hasn't yet released this.


Novitiate I

@BenGarrison has there been any movement on this or a date set for release? This is the last thing stopping us from using JumpCloud as our main IdP.

Novitiate I

Just checking if there has been any movement on this? We're in the same boat and have been waiting for this to be implemented so we can go all in with JumpCloud as our authoritative IdP.