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LDAP & FortiAuthenticator

Novitiate II

Hi Everyone

Just wondering is anyone using JC LDAP directory with a Fortinet FortiAuthenticator? I have got JC LDAP working with a Fortigate but the configuration for the FortiAuthenticator is very different. 

I can get users to sync / auth but its not picking up the group memberships. 


JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni

I was going to take the screenshot on the documentation and fill in the fields. But I noticed there isn't a place for LDAP Bind DN information. Is there a place to include BindDN username/password?  We do not support anonymous queries.

Hi, I was able to get it working after some tinkering and contacting Fortinet support. @BenGarrison yes its using a bind account for authentication. 



Interested in learning the steps you had to take! We will be creating a community knowledgebase that address these generic SAML connections and other integrations that aren't in our support site.

Hi Ben, Any idea when this is going to happen? I'm trying to set up a SAML connector now with my fortigate to handle VPN SSO auth but am having some issues with the article that I was able to find.

Hello there @archery1998, we have a fairly comprehensive blog post about configuring your FortiGate to utilize JumpCloud's SAML based SSO functionality. Just wanted to make sure you have seen it and gone through this post, it might handle the specific issues you are running into.