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JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni
Status: Closed

What solution (if any) were you using before JumpCloud?

Prior to JumpCloud, one of our founders was managing devices manually. 

What was the challenge your company was facing that led you to considering JumpCloud?

As our company doubled in size, our founder was managing an ever-growing number of Mac and PC desktops and laptops, network-attached storage (NAS) servers, and other various machines. After a while, he quickly realized he was becoming a full-time IT admin and began looking for a scalable solution to the problem.

What made you choose JumpCloud as the solution to your needs?

Our founder started looking at SSO solutions. But because of our company’s eclectic tech stack, it was difficult to find a tool that would work for all of our devices and machines. Ultimately, he came across JumpCloud, a company he was familiar with since they are headquartered in Colorado just like us. After looking into the company more, he realized JumpCloud could be a single source of truth for the company, and we implemented it.

Could you tell us about your company’s environment? How many users? What resources do you manage, including devices + cloud/on-prem infrastructure + applications, etc.? 

We have 24 employees who use a mix of Windows, Mac, and Linux machines. We also have NAS servers and other machines, too. Our team uses several applications, including Google Workspace and the Adobe Creative Suite.

Please also list any integrations, features, commands, policies, and anything else you’re using. Now’s your chance to tell us how awesome your project is and why it should win!

We’re using JumpCloud’s Mobile Device Management feature, which gives us control over all of our machines from one screen. We’re also able to enforce strong security policies with JumpCloud using multi-factor authentication. Down the road, we’re planning to implement JumpCloud’s SSO feature so that our team doesn’t have to remember passwords and we can further strengthen our security.

What are some results you’ve seen since implementing JumpCloud? What do you hope to achieve?

Implementing JumpCloud was a breeze, and we were able to see results immediately. For starters, JumpCloud helped us streamline onboarding and access management. Instead of having to manage devices and add access manually, our founder was able to make a few tweaks in JumpCloud to give users access to the resources they need. Now, new hires walk in, and their machines are ready to go. One of the biggest benefits of JumpCloud has been allowing our founder to reclaim a significant amount of time, which enables him to focus on other important areas of operations. Looking ahead, we plan to continue using JumpCloud to create incredible designs for our clients.

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