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Rising Star I
Status: Closed

name: Ricky Jordan
title: Senior Computer Systems Admin
contact information: (your email address will be in your community profile, so you do not have to list this publicly) 
company name:  Primitive Company
location: Los Angeles California

  • What solution (if any) were you using before JumpCloud?  Strictly Standalone, unmanaged, and manual forward processes
  • What was the challenge your company was facing that led you to considering JumpCloud?  Having a clean foundation was great, which allowed me to shop around for the right solution.  We needed to move to a managed and more automated and transparent solution, but many solutions were still on-prem or stuck in a legacy mindset.  Then I found Jumpcloud that crossed off all of the items on my wishlist
  • What made you choose JumpCloud as the solution to your needs?  Cloud first. Before covid was a household name, we were all in-office.  Even though we were all in office, i was thinking forward to possible growth as well as off-premise / remote needs.  The cloud is key to powering this vision and Jumpcloud did it well.  After test driving the platform and mocking up the workflow and implementation plan, we had fully adopted Jumpcloud before we all went remote during covid
  • Could you tell us about your company’s environment? How many users? What resources do you manage, including devices + cloud/on-prem infrastructure + applications, etc.?   We are mainly remote now with over 129+ users.  We manage about 50% mac computers and 50% windows computers all via Jumpcloud.  We are also managing about 40+ additional devices like iOS iPhones and iPads.  All of our devices are using either the Jumpcloud agent and/or MDM.  We have over 15+ SSO applications in Jumpcloud now too.
  • Please also list any integrations, features, commands, policies, and anything else you’re using. Now’s your chance to tell us how awesome your project is and why it should win!  We are using as many of Jumpclouds offerings as possible.  We are using MFA via Jumpcloud Protect, we are using Zero Touch with Jumpcloud MDM and Apple Business Manager, we are using the Jumpcloud agent for our windows devices to manage user accounts, software deployment, security policies, and more.  We are using Patch management in pair with Jumpcloud commands to keep all of our mac and pc computers up to date as well as push major OS updates like Big Sur over to Monterey on our Mac Fleet.  We did over 40 computers in one night via Jumpcloud behind the scenes.  We are using Zero Trust via conditional access where we can require more strict security on non trusted devices.  We are using the LDAP service which is great.  We are using RADIUS for our Wifi and VPN needs on and off-site.
  • What are some results you’ve seen since implementing JumpCloud? What do you hope to achieve?  Jumpcloud used to just be a tool in the toolbox, but now it's turned INTO THE toolbox.  Jumpcloud has continued to grow from the day we implemented it.  When we started, Jumpcloud was more of an SSO IDP and account/directory tool for us, but after Jumpcloud started adding MDM and device management features, plus MFA and Zero Trust features. It quickly became the foundation for our company.  Jumpcloud is growing at a fast pace and is spot on with the features that they are coming out with.  All of this aligns perfectly with my vision for the Future at Primitive, and let's us stay on top of cutting edge technology that can further automate, streamline, and secure our environment and make things easier and user friendly for our end users and staff.
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