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JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni
Status: Closed

What solution (if any) were you using before JumpCloud?

Before JumpCloud, we lacked a central directory and configured everything via local authentication.

What was the challenge your company was facing that led you to considering JumpCloud?

We were managing an environment that included an even distribution of Windows, Mac, and Linux machines; 10% of these devices were on-prem, and the rest were in the cloud. Over the course of 20 years, our IT footprint grew organically as new tools came to market, and we didn’t really have a way to manage our devices from one place. Primarily, we were looking for a cloud directory and mobile device management solution.

What made you choose JumpCloud as the solution to your needs?

As we began solving this problem, we considered three options: Active Directory, Okta, and JumpCloud. We quickly decided that moving to AD would have been a massive undertaking, which didn’t make sense. At the same time, we thought that Okta, while suitable for authentication and SSO, didn’t go far enough to meet our needs. Ultimately, we believed that JumpCloud met our needs mostly thoroughly, and we deployed it in January 2018.

Could you tell us about your company’s environment? How many users? What resources do you manage, including devices + cloud/on-prem infrastructure + applications, etc.? 

We have more than 550 employees, and our environment includes Windows, Mac, and Linux machines, with 10% of these devices living on-prem. Currently, we have more than 60 applications set up with single sign-on through JumpCloud.

Please also list any integrations, features, commands, policies, and anything else you’re using. Now’s your chance to tell us how awesome your project is and why it should win!

We script group membership out of Namely into JumpCloud. That way, when people change departments, they get added to the proper groups and can access the new applications they need while the old groups get dropped off. We also use JumpCloud to encrypt all new laptops, which protects our company against theft and lost devices. JumpCloud is also our go-to solution for SSO and MFA. Additionally, we use commands from JumpCloud to roll out new software across the organization.


What are some results you’ve seen since implementing JumpCloud? What do you hope to achieve?

JumpCloud has delivered on many fronts. It’s helped us streamline our onboarding experience and strengthen our security stance with encryption, SSO, and MFA — all while helping our IT team get more done (e.g., by replacing cron jobs with commands and accelerating application deployment). Plus, since we already had it in place before the pandemic, JumpCloud enabled us to smoothly transition to remote work. With JumpCloud, we have a future-proof solution that can keep pace with our growth, and we’re excited to try all new features. Most recently, we started with patch management and conditional access. Up next, we’re looking at zero-touch deployment.

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