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JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni
Status: Closed

What solution (if any) were you using before JumpCloud?

Article was forced to rapidly transition to remote work because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We quickly realized that we weren’t remote-ready and lacked the tools we needed to monitor our devices in a work-from-home environment.

What was the challenge your company was facing that led you to considering JumpCloud?

We needed the ability to protect access, data, and customer information in a remote environment. At the same time, we were still growing and needed to manage end-user devices and identities while improving security before we scaled even more.

What made you choose JumpCloud as the solution to your needs?

At first, we considered using multiple tools, including Azure Active Directory, to manage our Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. But we quickly realized that we didn’t want to introduce several tools if we didn’t have to, particularly since we’d be missing features like IdP and security. So, we began looking for a solution that would enable us to manage identity, access, and devices from a single pane of glass, and that’s when we found JumpCloud.

Could you tell us about your company’s environment? How many users? What resources do you manage, including devices + cloud/on-prem infrastructure + applications, etc.? 

We have a heterogeneous environment that includes Mac, Windows, and Linux devices. Our team relies on several different tools, including Google, Slack, Zoom, and Freshdesk. We use JumpCloud to manage more than 700 devices all over the world.

Please also list any integrations, features, commands, policies, and anything else you’re using. Now’s your chance to tell us how awesome your project is and why it should win!

In addition to mobile device management, we use JumpCloud for password management, operating system updates, single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), onboarding, and more. We’ve also used it to brick a laptop that was stolen from one of our employees. Down the road, we plan to implement Zero Trust Security and zero-touch onboarding. Basically, whatever feature JumpCloud offers, we’re using or considering using.


What are some results you’ve seen since implementing JumpCloud? What do you hope to achieve?

JumpCloud gives us a reliable tool for managing devices for our remote team. It’s also helped us increase security, improve compliance as we aim to achieve SOC 2 Type 2 certification, and accelerate onboarding. Plus, our team’s productivity has increased by ensuring software and operating system updates don’t roll out prematurely, causing interoperability issues. Last but not least, we’re able to take a proactive stance on IT. For example, if a password is locked, we’ll get notified and can immediately reach out to users and ask if they need a reset. Looking ahead, we hope to further improve security and compliance and empower our users even more.

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